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We all love to see what our ancestors looked like. If you have any photos that you would be willing to share, all of us would be grateful.
Ancestors of William Henry Traves (McDonald branch)

We are missing the persons between George Howell (I2411) who was a convict shipped to Australia from England, and his descendent William Henry Traves. There have been a couple of assumed placeholder persons inserted, but actual names and dates are unknown.
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Radtke branch is neither deep nor wide

The trail disappears into Europe with Gottlieb and Frieda. We are also missing a lot of information of Gertrude's brothers' families. For example, we do not have Leonard's first wife's information at all.
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Leitheiser / Lenz branches

The Leitheiser branch is robust, but the Lenz branch is not very deep.
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 Mystery Photos

Can anyone confirm if this is Sophia Leitheiser and family?

It seems to be the only Leitheiser family that qualifies (5 daughters to reach adulthood). See the description attached to the photo.
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Leitheiser Photo of "Aunt G"

Can someone definitively identify this couple?
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Leitheiser photo of "Aunti Doris" 1922?

I am not clear which Aunt Doris this might be. Doris McMartin would be about the right age (16 years old) in 1922. There are two other Doris individuals in the database that I do not have birth dates for: Doris Litzenberger and Doris Page.