Extended Family Histories

Photos above: Gottlieb Radtke as a young man; Frieda Radtke (Burst) at age 17 (in 1918); Mary Catherine Leitheiser (Kircher) and sons (ca 1890)

Welcome to the Bakker-Radtke-Lenz-Leitheiser and related branches (e.g. Australia) family genealogy site.

The Site
The interface is fairly straightforward. For users with login credentials, begin by clicking on one of the "My" links at the top of the page, login, then after login the "My" links will work. For the general public, information on non-living individuals can be accessed via searches (the "My" links will not work). Note that searches need to use birth surnames rather than married surnames.

Additional information and photos will be added as they become available. Any information or corrections are welcome (see the "Most Wanted" link below), as are general comments and suggestions. Enjoy!

Story Telling
Doing genealogy is not just a cold gathering of facts, but is instead breathing life into those who have gone before; telling the family story; helping us understand what our ancestors were able to accomplish; how they contributed to what we are today; understanding their hardships and losses; their never giving in or giving up; their resoluteness to go on and build a life for those of us who have followed behind them. These stories appear in the Notes section of each individual; and in the Ahnetafel (ancestor) and Register (descendant) reports if you click on "more detail".

The information of living individuals has been hidden from the general public. This is based on a birth and/or a death date. Only logging in with a username and password will allow you to see the information for living individuals. If I haven't already provided them to you, family members can request a username and password using the Contact Us link below.

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